TRUMP: ‘January 6 Was A Protest’ And ‘The Real Insurrection Took Place On November 3’

( Former President Donald Trump refuses to accept the fake narrative about January 6, invented by the Democrats and used to smear Republicans.

During an interview with British Brexiteer politician Nigel Farage, who is now a host for British news channel GB News, the former president talked about the so-called “insurrection” and correctly described the event that he hosts as a protest.

The small group of people who left the protest and joined with left-wing protesters and stormed the Capitol Building was not representative of Republicans, the former president, or his colleagues. Trump even told those people to go home once he saw that they had begun to trespass and break the law.

Trump added that not only was January 6 the biggest protest crowd he had ever addressed, he noted that the “real insurrection” actually happened on November 3 – the day of the election.

“That was to me the insurrection and the January 6 was a protest,” he told Farage.

See for yourself:

In the wide-ranging interview, which lasted for roughly two hours, Trump talked about everything from election integrity to the dramatically rising cost of living in the United States under Joe Biden.

He said that the crowd on January 6 was the largest he had ever seen, and that it was representative of huge concern among the American people about the integrity of our elections.

Wouldn’t the Democrats be wise to talk about and address the concerns that motivate people to protest, rather than just smearing their opponents?