Trump: I am not using campaign funds for new plane

( Former President Donald Trump was quite direct on Monday when he assured people that he’s not using funding he raised for campaigns to build a new airplane.

Media outlet The Hill published a report recently that said the former president was solicited donations to his political action committee for a new plane. The outlet cited an email the PAC recently sent that had the headline “Update: Trump Force One.”

It was sent to supporters only a few days after a jet Trump was flying on had to make an emergency landing because one of the engines failed.

In the email, Trump said his organization was “building a BRAND NEW Trump Force One,” suggesting in part that it was currently under construction. The email then asked recipients to “Contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to send your response to President Trump!”

When contacted by phone over the weekend by The Hill, Trump denied that he was using email marketing to solicit donations to build a plane. He said:

“The story was incorrect. I already have a plane, the same one I used on the 2016 campaign … It is owned by me and financed by me, with no debt.”

The former president said that plane was in Louisiana being serviced, and it should be flying again in the next few months. Trump added that the only reason he flew on Air Force One when he was president was because of security reasons.

The Hill pressed Trump for an answer, then, on why the email mentioned his plane at all when it was asking for donations. He responded:

“I don’t know. I never saw the email [before it went out].”

He then called The Hill’s story “ridiculous,” and asked:

“Can you imagine me using campaign funds for a plane?”

When The Hill published its original story over the weekend, an aide for the Trump team emailed the media outlet to request a retraction on the article. A day later, the media outlet then updated its story, adding a note that clarified that the fundraising email didn’t explicitly seek donations that would go toward paying for the plane.

That wasn’t enough for Trump, who believed that it was still wrong of The Hill to keep the article published. That’s why he went on the record to criticize the media outlet.

This is yet another example of a media outlet taking too many liberties with information they read about Trump. Oftentimes, it seems media outlets simply see the former president’s name and instantly believe he’s doing something dubious.

There’s nothing wrong or illegal with what the fundraising email said, yet The Hill alluded to misdoings in its story. While The Hill technically wasn’t doing anything wrong themselves, it certainly took liberties when writing the article.

And then, of course, people read what they wrote and take it only at face value, without diving further into the details. This is the problem that Trump had with the article, and it makes a lot of sense.