Trump Faces Felony Charges

( Former United States Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner is ramping up anti-Trump hysteria, claiming that the former president is looking at a five-year felony charge over allegations that he took classified documents from the White House to his Mar-a-Lago estate upon leaving office in 2021.

On Friday, the National Archives and Records Administration confirmed in a letter sent to the House Oversight Committee that 15 boxes of documents that the former president returned last month contained classified documents relating to U.S. national security. The administration said that the documents were “marked as classified national security information.”

During an interview with MSNBC on Friday, Kirschner predicted the worst possible outcome over this former president’s decision to take the documents after he left office – despite the fact that he has the clearance to view these documents. Kirschner claimed that anyone else would have already been indicted on the charges, which is hard to imagine.

Given just how much the establishment and the Biden White House hates former President Donald Trump, it’s hard to imagine Trump not being given the harshest possible sentence as quickly as possible if he did actually break the law.

“That is a five-year felony. The National Archives has reported and referred to the Department of Justice for investigation the fact that Donald Trump removed classified national security information from the White House and he whisked it away to Mar-a-Lago,” he said during the interview.

He made reference to 18 U.S. Code § 1924 which relates to the “unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material.” Those who break the law may be imprisoned for up to five years or fined.

He told MSNNBC anchor Jonathan Capehart that if he had committed the crime, he would have already been indicted.

Former President Donald Trump, however, has dismissed the manufactured controversy over the matter, noting that the National Archives hasn’t found anything out of the ordinary and that the administration simply obtained Presidential Records upon request in an “ordinary” and “routine” process.

If Trump hasn’t been indicted yet, it must mean they don’t have anything. Let’s wait and see…