Trump Enemy’s Father Controls World Soy Foundation, Seriously

( Here’s a report you probably weren’t expecting: it turns out that the father of anti-Trump Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who famously broke down in tears during a committee hearing about the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C., is a board member of the World Soy Foundation.

You just cannot make this stuff up.

Kinzinger was roundly mocked after he pretended to get emotional about the January 6 protest, which has been described as a “violent insurrection” by anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans desperate to block the former president from running for office again.

Kinzinger’s father starred in a promotional video that extolled the benefits of soy. It was uploaded to the official World Soy Foundation YouTube channel back in 2011.

If you forgot about Kinzinger’s emotional breakdown, take a look at the video here:

It prompted Tucker Carlson, the most-watched man in television news, to berate Kinzinger and other representatives for being emotionally unstable.

It’s true, right? Just think what foreign leaders are thinking when they see American legislators literally crying about politics in front of cameras.

During the video, Rus Kinzinger talked about soy and advertised a new product that would make it easier for farmers to process soybeans in their kitchens.

“They’re basically table top models that will allow soybeans to be turned into soy milk and other products…it produces soy milk!” he said enthusiastically.

On his LinkedIn account, Kinzinger says that he has been working with the World Soy Foundation since 2007.

Looks like soy runs in the family…