Trump Endorsed GOP Star Storms Out Of Event

( The Democrat-turned-Republican Georgia congressional candidate endorsed by former President Donald Trump angrily stormed out of a Jackson County event over the weekend after pitching a fit over the speaking order.

Vernon Jones, the former Democrat Georgia House member who announced at the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally that he changed his party affiliation to Republican, was captured on video expressing irritation when he discovered that he wouldn’t be the second speaker, but instead, would be speaking before his primary opponent, Republican Mike Collins.

The video of Jones’ tantrum was filmed by Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein who posted it to Twitter.

In the video, Jones can be heard complaining that he came to the event “because I’m a fighter” and accused the group of playing “parlor tricks” by sending him out to speak before Mike Collins.

Jones argued that when Collins speaks after him at events, he always criticizes Jones. So rather than risk his opponent criticizing him, Jones declared he won’t “play games like that” and he stormed off.

In February, at the urging of former President Trump, Jones dropped out of the Georgia Republican primary for governor to clear the way for Trump’s preferred candidate, former Senator David Purdue. In exchange, the former president promised to endorse Jones if he ran for Congress instead.

Jones chose to run in the already crowded primary for Georgia’s 10th congressional district in which Mike Collins, an America First Republican, was already the clear frontrunner.

Jones later said in a statement that the GOP group hosting the event “changed the rules” to benefit Collins, whom Jones said is “their candidate of choice.” He blasted reporter Greg Bluestein for posting the video, claiming Collins is Bluestein’s preferred candidate too.

A statement released by the Collins campaign after Saturday’s incident dismissed Jones as a “crybaby Karen” and noted that his campaign for District 10 was a “desperate dumpster fire” that has gathered “zero traction” among voters.

Unlike Vernon Jones, Mike Collins lives in Georgia’s 10th congressional district.