Trump Dismisses Claims Melania Doesn’t Want to Return to White House

( In light of the recent reports that Melania Trump isn’t especially keen on the idea of returning to the White House, during a phone-in interview with former President Donald Trump, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade decided to ask Trump about it.

Kilmeade brought up the reports that Melania would not go back to the White House should Trump run again and asked the former president if that was true.

Chuckling in response, Trump said it wasn’t true, adding “that’s an interesting one.” Calling the rumors “fake news,” Trump praised Melania for her work as First Lady and how much the people loved her.

After quickly dismissing the rumors, Trump shifted focus to the current state of the country and how important it is to fix it or “we’re not going to have a country if we keep doing this.”

But when asked directly if Trump wanted to become the 47th president, Trump skirted the question somewhat, only pointing out that he has 95 percent approval within the Republican Party.

Watch the segment HERE.

The rumors that Melania might not be on board another Trump run began earlier this fall. In a report on CNN, one unnamed source said if Trump runs in 2024, Melania isn’t going to be out there at rallies or campaign events. Instead, the source claimed, the rest of the Trump family will pick up the slack. The source also told CNN that while most of the Trump family want the former president to run again in 2024, Melania “absolutely does not.”

One source described by CNN as having a close relationship with the former First Lady during her time in the White House said that Melania does not want to return to the White House, adding that it was one chapter in her life that is now over.

But according to a report in Politico, another family friend said that Melania would support her husband no matter what he decides to do.

As yet, the former president has remained coy about whether or not he will be running again in 2024. While some close Trump advisors have said he will, Trump has repeatedly said he won’t formally announce his decision until after the 2022 Midterm elections.