Trump Considering Release Of Footage Exposing FBI Agent’s Actions During Raid

( Since last week’s raid, calls have continued for former President Trump to reveal Mar-a-Lago CCTV footage.

Son Eric Trump, the Trump Organization’s executive vice president, said the film will be shared “at the right moment,” although a CNN source said Donald Trump may not have seen it yet.

A CNN source said they don’t think it’s been circulated outside of attorneys.

Allies of Trump asking for the film’s release indicate he may use the recordings in campaign ads for a hypothetical 2024 presidential candidacy.

It’s uncertain what the tape will show or if it will be helpful. A CNN source said It’s one thing to read a list of items, but it’s another to see law enforcement personnel lugging dozen-plus boxes out of President Trump’s residence. “That doesn’t help him,” they said.

That point is arguable, at best. It may also look like a partisan witch hunt, which the left has never incurred when performing similar purported indiscretions.

Trump says he can declassify materials as president. He and allies have also questioned why it took Attorney General Merrick Garland weeks to approve the raid and days to execute it.

Eric says the raid has boosted Trump’s support.

“People will crawl over broken glass for Donald Trump,” he said on “Eric Bolling The Balance.”

Trump’s lawyers said they refused to turn off security cameras during the Aug. 8 raid.

Former Trump White House counsel Ty Cobb said of a possible video release, “If someone can persuade him it’s good for him and bad for his rivals, he’ll do it.”
“He doesn’t have lawyers to assist him in strategizing, so he’s doing it himself.”

FBI officers wandering around Mar-a-Lago while Trump was away can drive the Trump base into a frenzy.

Trump was in NYC during the raid.

Cobb is skeptical about releasing the raid footage from Trump’s bedroom, office, and basement, where boxes of documents were supposedly locked in a safe sought by the Justice Department but broken into by the FBI.

Cobb told CNN that if someone planted evidence, it would be explosive. “That’s why I doubt they’ll release it: I doubt it shows them planting evidence,” which would disprove one of Trump’s claims about the raid.