Trump: China “HAS TO BE” Country with Most Coronavirus Deaths

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- President Donald Trump is not backing down over China. On Friday, the president said that China “has to be” the country with the most coronavirus deaths, citing inconsistencies with Chinese data and an alleged cover-up.

His statement came as the Wuhan city government, which oversees the region that saw the first outbreak of the new disease, released refreshed death and infection numbers.

U.S. intelligence recently discovered that China falsified data coming out of Wuhan from the very beginning, playing down reports of the spread of the virus, not publishing evidence that the virus was transmitting between humans, and attempting to cover up its origins.

The death toll in Wuhan city was revised last week to 3,500, an increase of roughly 1,000. This, however, isn’t the full story. China is notoriously unreliable when it comes to data – particularly data that makes the country look bad. The mortuaries across China, Wuhan in particular, seem to suggest a much higher death rate than the Chinese Communist Party wants to admit.

One of the eight mortuaries in Wuhan received a shipment of around 5,000 urns over just two days. According to news outlet Shanghaiist, the single mortuary released 500 urns per day until April 4. The Daily Caller reported that, including the urns released by the other seven mortuaries in the city, the death count in Wuhan could be as high as 40,000.

During a daily White House press briefing, the president was asked whether he believed the data coming out of China. The president didn’t say whether he believed the number was accurate, but he did take aim at the communist country for handling the outbreak badly.

“We don’t have the-most-in-the-world deaths,” Trump said. “The most in the world has to be China. It’s a massive country. It’s gone through a tremendous problem with this, a tremendous problem. And they must have the most.”

Currently, the United States has seen around 40,000 people killed by the Chinese coronavirus. That’s around seven times higher than the official figures that come out of China. Incredibly, the communist nation expects the rest of the world to believe that only 4,632 people have died from the virus so far.

Given that 3,869 of those deaths reportedly came from China, it doesn’t look particularly likely, does it?