Trump Cancels RNC But Officials Say It Won’t “Hurt” Campaign Enthusiasm

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( Everybody knows that President Donald Trump enjoys rallies and hosting big events, but it looks like he’s finally accepted that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic means it’s not exactly workable. After hosting his first post-lockdown rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where turnout was impacted by both protests and fears over the spread of the virus, President Trump made the decision to cancel the Republican National Connection.

On Friday’s “Mornings with Maria” on the Fox Business Network, Trump’s reelection campaign deputy communications director Erin Perinne discussed the decision to cancel the event. The Republican National Convention, which is the event whereby delegates vote and confirm the party’s presidential nominee, was set to go ahead in Jacksonville, Florida.

Perinne said that the decision “doesn’t hurt the campaign at all” and that Trump and his team don’t think it will have an impact on fundraising. Instead, Perinne thinks that enthusiasm for Trump’s reelection campaign will remain “sky high.”

“President Trump did make the decision when it came to canceling the Jacksonville portion of the convention,” Perinne explained. “He had been in conversations for a few days regarding this, and ultimately he made the decision to be able to cancel that and for us to make sure that however we celebrate his re-nomination as the Republican nominee for president, we will do so in a big fashion.”

The decision will likely come as a disappointment to both the president and his supporters, but Perinne’s comments have sparked discussion about what might be planned to replace the RNC. Trump is known for his ability to put on a show, so it’s unlikely that the RNC won’t go ahead in another interesting and engaging format. The question is…what special additions can be made to make a virtual event more interesting for Republican voters?

“The president’s enthusiasm within the Republican Party remains at a record level, and we know this is a president who breaks records,” Perinne added. “He’s been doing it all across the board when it came to the primaries, when it’s come to fundraising. We raised $20 million this week with an online fundraiser. So, I would say the enthusiasm for President Trump remains sky-high.”

If President Trump can raise a record-breaking $20 million in a first-ever online fundraiser, then imagine what he could do with a virtual RNC?