Trump Brings In Lawyers To Go After People Committing Fraud Concerning His Endorsement

( Former President Donald Trump is lawyering up, and this time he’s taking on Republican candidates who are faking his endorsement.

As the 2022 midterms approach, many Republican candidates are eager to prove their allegiance to former President Donald Trump, pitching themselves as staunch supporters of his Make America Great Again agenda.

Politico revealed the extent of the former president’s anger in a report this week, describing how candidates will post photographs of themselves with the former president, or proof of conversations with the former president, to make it appear as though they have received his official endorsement…even when they haven’t.

President Trump’s team is reportedly monitoring many of these candidates, and making sure that campaign material that features the former president is a legitimate representation of his endorsements.

Corey Lewandowski offered some thoughts to Politico, describing how many candidates are pretending to have the former president’s support, but that most of them are “full of sh*t.”

He said that people will know if President Trump endorses a candidate.

Jason Miller, President Trump’s spokesman, said on Twitter recently that an online flier using the “Save America” logo from Trump’s PAC claimed that businessman Hirsh Singh had been endorsed b the former President for the June 8 Republican primary in New Jersey.

Miller said in no uncertain terms that the post was “FAKE” and that Trump had not endorsed anybody in the New Jersey gubernatorial race.

Singh claimed that one of his opponents had created the flier to embarrass him.

Miller also slammed Senator Doug Mastriano in May for claiming that former President Trump had asked him to run for governor of Pennsylvania.

The Politico report claimed that President Trump and his team have hired lawyers to stay on top of the increasing number of fake claims about the much-coveted Trump endorsement.

And it’s not surprising. Former President Trump’s endorsement is extremely valuable given the Republican Party’s overwhelming support for his agenda and his expected 2024 run for president.

It’s not yet clear that the former president will actually run again, but the fact that his team is so strongly protecting his image is a good sign that he probably will.