Trump Aides Drafted Order To Invoke Insurrection Act

( Perhaps one of the reasons Democrats are pushing so hard to smear Republicans as supporters of an “insurrection” is that they know their supporters were guilty of attempting an insurrection during the historic and tragic riots of 2020.

On Friday, the New York Times reported that two senior officials in the Trump administration, along with a number of members of White House staff, prepared a document on June 1 last year encouraging the president to invoke the Insurrection Act.

The riots, which came in response to the death of George Floyd, caused around $2 billion in damage across hundreds of American cities.

Nonetheless, the former president chose not to invoke the act, and instead relied on state officials to call on the National Guard for support.

Trump really was the worst fascist, Nazi dictator in history…

Sources told the New York Times that Trump’s aides prepared the order in case the president decided to go ahead with invoking the 1807 law. Had he done it, the president would have given himself the power to deploy United States military and National Guard troops to stop the violence.

It has only been invoked twice in the last forty years. It was involved once in response to 1989’s Hurricane Hugo, and once again in 1992 in response to the Los Angeles riots.

A senior administration official told the left-wing news outlet that Trump knew about the draft document, which was drawn on the same day that law enforcement moved violent rioters from Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. However, the president ultimately decided against taking unilateral control.

Trump clarified to the Times that he never wanted to deploy troops on the streets, saying that it is “absolutely not true” and if it was true, then he would have done it.

So Trump didn’t want to invoke the insurrection act when the whole country was plagued with violent left-wing riots, but the Democrats want to smear half the country for supporting an “insurrection” in Washington, D.C. on January 6?

This is how far we have come…