Trouble Ahead: Biden Polling WORSE Than Obama and Clinton for Black Voters

( Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden presumably thought he had the black vote in the bag come November, given the historic support the party enjoys from this section of society. After a series of gaffes throughout his early campaign, a brutal mistake in which he told black Americans who vote Trump that they aren’t black, polling data shows Biden is struggling.

Really struggling.

Weekly surveys performed by the Democracy Fund (a far-left organization funded by George Soros) and UCLA Nationscape show that Biden isn’t enjoying the same high levels of support from African Americans. The numbers are vastly different from the ones seen during the campaigns of former President Barack Obama and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

It comes after Joe Biden told radio host Charlamagne tha God that anybody struggling to decide between him and President Trump “ain’t black.”

Surveys taken between April and the middle of May show that Biden is consistently taking around 79% of the support from registered black voters when put in a head-to-head race with President Donald Trump. President Trump is taking 11% of black support and another 11% say they are undecided. This level of support for Republicans among the African American community is positive, and with a further 11% showing that they are willing to vote for President Trump shows that Biden could be in trouble.

It also makes the issue of the death of George Floyd a difficult issue for President Trump to navigate.

The survey asked 6,000 registered black voters who they would like to vote for between April 2 and May 13. The results could be the downfall of Biden’s already controversial and struggling campaign.

In 2012, a decline in black turnout was considered one of the reasons why the Democrats lost. The same could be said about 2016, with black voters struggling to turn out for the Democrats in the numbers they used to owing to failures from the candidates. The vitriol and hatred directed toward President Trump from the press, including accusations of racism, also potentially played a part in black Democrat voters not turning out to vote for Trump instead.

In 2016, Clinton took home 88% of the black vote, significantly more than Biden’s 79%. In 2012, Barack Obama took home a massive 93%.