Trans Widow Reveals How Her Family Was Destroyed

( A woman who divorced her husband after he became a transgender “woman” was interviewed by The Epoch Times last week where she recounted her ordeal.

Tracy Shannon, who now runs the Texas chapter of Mass Resistance, an organization that fights for the traditional family, described her experience being married to a man who decided he was a woman.

She told the Epoch Times that she considers herself a “trans widow” because her ex-husband had changed himself so much, it was as if he died.

Shannon’s experience began in 1998 back when “transgenders” were called “transsexuals.”

According to Shannon, after the birth of their first child, her husband informed her that he likes cross-dressing and admitted that he kept that from her because he thought she wouldn’t marry him if she knew. Shannon admitted to the Epoch Times that for her husband, the thought of being a woman sexually aroused him.

To deal with the problem, Shannon and her husband saw a counselor. But she quickly realized that the counselor supported her husband’s desire to “transition” to a woman. What’s more, the counselor suggested to Shannon that she might be a lesbian which is why she is attracted to a man who wanted to be a woman.

The counselor encouraged her husband to hide his cross-dressing and keep it from his wife.

Unbeknownst to her, the therapist provided Shannon’s husband with a letter allowing him to start taking female hormones. For eleven years, her husband was taking hormones and keeping it from his wife.

By 2009, her husband was openly living as a woman so Shannon divorced him.

A short time later, her ex started living with a woman who was “transitioning” to a man.

Shannon claims that her ex and his new girlfriend/boyfriend exposed her children to sexually inappropriate and explicit material and even tried to have the children participate in a gay pride parade.

In the intervening years, Shannon remarried and her children no longer see their former father.

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