Top Republican’s Plan Leaked About Interview

( After far-left extremists threatened to infiltrate and protest an event hosted by the Daily Wire, they ultimately didn’t turn up when popular conservative commentator Matt Walsh turned up to Texas A&M University for a speech on Wednesday.

Walsh drew criticism from left-wing extremists and LGBT activists last month when he appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil, arguing that transgender women are not women – and proving that they can’t even define what they think a woman is.

According to a report from The Daily Wire, only one extremist from the group threatening to protest the event turned up to Walsh’s speech – and the disruption was minimal if non-existent. The activist asked a question and shared that he actually agreed with a lot of things that Walsh said.

That must have been embarrassing.

The original plan from the group, according to the Wire, was to attend the speech only to walk out as Walsh started to speak. Walsh was attending a Daily Wire event hosted by the Texas A&M Young Americans for Freedom group.

The left-wing plan to disrupt the event was leaked by activists online. It explained how they planned to wear “business-casual” clothes and outfits that made them “cisgender and heterosexual-passing.” In short, they meant that activists shouldn’t turn up in strange clothes and should just look normal instead.

One of the chants planned for the day was:

“When trans, gay, queer people are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!”

They didn’t explain, however, how Walsh was attacking trans, gay, or queer people. In fact, Walsh has never advocated attacking anybody for their sexuality or beliefs.

As Walsh started his speech at the event last week, he offered an “extra special thanks” to the left-wing infiltrators in the crowd.

“I look forward to your hijinks. The cops and security especially look forward to it,” he said.

Are we turning a corner? Are left-wing extremists beginning to realize these tactics just don’t work?