Top Republican Says Pelosi Is “On The Way Out”

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been pushing hard for two massive spending packages, and some Republicans in Congress believe it’s because they know they will soon be in the minority.

Republican Representative Tim Burchett from Tennessee said he’s concerned about how the two proposals will affect people of his state. The first proposal is a $1.2 trillion package geared toward infrastructure, while the other is a $3.5 trillion package that might be passed through budget reconciliation and includes progressive social spending measures.

It’s possible that both of those bills could be voted on next week.

But, Burchett — along with many other members of Congress — believe there’s so much in these bills that have nothing to do with their intended purposes. As he said recently about the bills:

“A lot of this stuff doesn’t even have to do with traditional infrastructure.”

Burchett said recently that he believes Democrats, who are led by Pelosi, are of the belief that they won’t be in the majority in Congress after the 2022 midterm elections. Because of that, they are doing everything they can to push through as much of their agenda now — in whatever ways they can — before they lose control.

He continued:

“I just think they’re out of touch, this leadership, the Democratic leadership. They’re sacrificing a lot of their moderate members,” forcing them “to take these tough votes that they really shouldn’t have to do. It’s short-sighted on their part, but I think it goes deeper than that. Pelosi knows she’s on the way out and she’s got to cut a deal and this is her legacy in some liberal utopia.”

The bipartisan infrastructure bill was created because Democrats couldn’t get enough support within their own party for a massive bill Pelosi and President Joe Biden wanted to put forth. Now, there are two separate bills — one that will go through budget reconciliation.

Still, some Democratic members of the House have said they will vote against that bipartisan bill if the $3.5 trillion spending package — dubbed the Build Back Better Act — first passes through Congress. That charge is being led by the party’s more progressive wing.

Many other business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have come out to say they are in opposition of the bill.

For Burchett, the perfect scenario would be if the federal government operated more in line with how his state government does — with balanced budgets. The state also uses what are known as caption bills, which allows for spending on specific items only without add-ons.

What bothers the Tennessee congressman is the “pork” that has been added to the infrastructure bill. As he explained:

“There’s $256 billion that’s going to add to the debt. At this pace, what does that even matter anymore? It matters to people like me. It matters to people in Tennessee.”