Top Republican Says FBI May Have Been Behind January 6th

( Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, a popular Republican congressman and supporter of President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda, recently told his supporters that he believes the FBI may have had a hand in the January 6 Capitol Hill riot.

Or the so-called “insurrection.”

In a fundraising email to his supporters, Gosar said that the federal agency “might have had a hand” in planning and carrying out the riot, which saw left-wing and right-wing protesters descend on the Capitol building and even go inside.

Yahoo News reported on his claims with great outrage, claiming that he was making “baseless” statements. The left-wing news outlet also claimed that congressional Republicans have attempted to distance themselves from a “false stolen election narrative,” without providing any evidence that the narrative is false.

There is, however, evidence that shows election fraud and misconduct occurred on a large scale in battleground states like Georgia in November last year.

GOP lawmakers like Gosar are now demanding to find out what role federal law enforcement may have played in the riot, following statements from attendees and even video footage that showed how police officers and other law enforcement agents effectively welcomed people into the Capitol Building without putting up a fight.

In Gosar’s recent fundraising email, he also slammed law enforcement for shooting Ashli Babbitt, a military vet who was protesting on Capitol Hill that day. He said that Babbitt was “executed in cold blood” by an officer who remains unidentified.

Which is…true.

Babbitt did not pose a threat to anybody and was not threatening anybody at the time she was shot.

It’s not the first time Gosar has called the officer who killed Babbitt a murderer, having said in a House hearing that the officer was “lying in wait” to “execute” the military veteran.

If you want to see the kind of faux outrage coming from the mainstream press on this, check out the Yahoo News article here.