Top Republican Demands Air Force Professor Who Taught CRT To Resign

( Republican Tennessee Congressman Mark Green has called on the United States Air Force Academy to remove a top instructor from who published an opinion piece admitting that she teachers officers Critical Race Theory in her classroom.

Critical Race Theory is an extremist ideology and theory that pits Americans against one another based on their race, arguing that white people are inherently privileged and that Black Americans are incapable of getting ahead without positive discrimination and help from White-dominated institutions.

So, yeah…we’re not surprised Rep. Green is calling for Professor Lynne Chandler Garcia’s resignation.

In a piece for the Washington Post, Garcia admitted that she is a professor in a military academy and explained why she teaches CRT to her class.

She claimed, wrongly, that teaching CRT to her students helped them identify the “structural racism and inequality” in American society, and explains how CRT provides an “academic framework” to understand egalitarianism and so-called “second-class citizenship.”

Why don’t liberals want Americans to be as one, regardless of their race?

Rep. Green is a graduate of West Point’s Military Academy and an army veteran of two decades. He said that what is taught in those military academies leaves a “lasting impact” on cadets and warned that disparaging the United States as a fundamentally “racist country” is something that should disqualify anybody from teaching at the most prestigious institutions in America.

In a statement, which was released on Thursday, he said that America’s service academies are designed to prepare young men and women to fight for the country, and that being taught CRT makes that difficult…because why would anybody fight for a racist country?

“Professor Garcia must be removed from her teaching position,” he added in the statement, condemning CRT as a Marxist ideology that teaches the only way to fix racial discrimination of the past is to implement more racial discrimination now.

But with President Joe Biden and his far-left friends running the White House and Congress, sadly it doesn’t look like Professor Garcia is going anywhere anytime soon…