Top Reporter Swallows Fly On Camera

iOTWreport states that It’s impossible to go more than a few weeks without witnessing someone swallow a flying insect on live television.

Award-winning journalist and Global National weekend anchor Farah Nasser joined Ontario Premier Doug Ford as the second member of the exclusive “famous people who swallowed a flying bug in August” club when she swallowed a fly during a newscast on the most recent episode of Toronto celebrity accident Fear Factor.

When the insect entered Nasser’s airway, she was mid-report, stating, “Pakistan has never seen an unbroken cycle of monsoons quite like this. Eight weeks of nonstop torrential rain. A national emergency has been inv-”

A fly flies into her mouth as she says the word “invoked” halfway through. But Nasser keeps her cool, unlike Doug Ford, who recently halted a news conference to declare, “oh Christ, I just swallowed a bee.”

Nasser perseveres despite what seems to be difficulty in her throat, clearing it to complete the report.

She tweeted a clip of the unexpected on-air snack with a shout-out to the premiere, playing off Doug Ford’s recent insect encounter.

Even the “Doug Ford’s Bee” spoof account was amazed by Nasser’s perseverance in tweeting from the premier’s stomach despite the unpleasant experience.

Nasser said that even though the fly began buzzing around as soon as the newscast started, most broadcast journalists have experienced considerably worse while covering live events. She thought it had disappeared. The fly then found its way into the back of her throat before she could react.

“I didn’t immediately cough it up when the news broadcast aired; instead, I drank a lot of water. I intended to eat it and carry on with the newscast. I tried to swallow it, but the fly remained there the entire time.”

Nasser joked that perhaps I should have swallowed a spider to capture the fly.

Look no further than American broadcast journalist Isiah Carey to see what it looks like when a reporter loses it over a bug falling into their mouth. Carey gained notoriety in 2008 when a news blooper was published, showing the opposite response to Nasser’s essentially.