Top Military Official Requests Troops Deployment Overseas (REPORT)

( According to a new report published by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the United States should remain its presence overseas in various countries…for protection. It comes as President Donald Trump speeds up withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, effectively ending the longest war in modern American history.

Retired Army Col. David Maxwell pushed back at President Trump’s agenda of withdrawing troops and focusing on American interests rather than foreign conflicts, insisting that pulling back from stationed locations would be “giving up the high ground.”

Maxwell co-authored one of the 22 essays published in the report, entitled “Defending Forward: Securing America by Projecting Military Power Abroad.”

It’s the exact opposite of the America First agenda that got President Donald Trump elected in 2016, and which would have won President Trump the election in 2020 had various battleground states not implemented unconstitutional mail-in ballot rules that facilitated widespread fraud and misconduct.

The report also includes a foreword from Leon Panetta, former Secretary of Defense under the Obama Administration, telling you all you need to know about this book.

In short – they’re warmongers.

“Withdrawing into a defensive and insular crouch here at home risks leaving Americans more isolated and more vulnerable to threats,” Panetta wrote. “More than ever, Americans must go abroad to remain secure at home.”

Hear that? More foreign wars.

And you can bet that Biden is listening if he becomes president in January.

The various essays in the report explore lots of different overseas conflicts and give arguments for why more American blood should be shed overseas.

Col. Maxwell, a former Special Forces officer, criticized the president’s commitment to bringing American soldiers home.

“Over the last couple of years there’s been a real discussion about pulling back U.S. forces. President Trump has always talked about withdrawing U.S. troops,” Maxwell lamented. “The original intent (of the report) is to show the value of our forward-stationed forces and the strategic flexibility they provide us.”

Retired Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, former National Security Advisor to President Trump, also said that there would only be “Paltry savings” to bringing Americans home and that they would be “dwarfed by the eventual cost of responding to unchecked and undeterred threats to American security, prosperity and influence.”

Does it sound like these people really have America’s best interests at heart?