Top Government Official In Canada Worked For Company That Produced Vaccine Tracking System

( According to a report by National File, the Jamaican-born police chief in Ottawa, Peter Sloly, worked for an international consulting company known as “Deloitte” before he took charge of the police force in Canada’s capital city.

The news comes as protesters in Ottawa continue for a third week, blocking roads with trucks and honking horns in the hope that the Canadian government will listen and end all authoritarian COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates.

According to the National File’s report, Deloitte operates the vaccine tracking system used by the Canadian federal government, as well as the Centers for Disease Control here in the United States. He worked for years at the company, and is now a high-profile figure in Canadian law enforcement…and in a city where the Freedom Truckers are being threatened with arrest by the Canadian Prime Minister.

The File’s Patrick Howley reveals how Sloly started working for Deloitte back in 2016 after he resigned from the Toronto Police Service. At the time, he was described as a “partner” of the company. Then, in 2019, he left Deloitte and joined the Ottawa Police Service.

It’s a curious move for several reasons, but the fact that Deloitte – a company in which Sloly may well still have some interest in – is responsible for Canada’s vaccine tracking system is particularly noteworthy.

The solution from Deloitte was purchased in late November, 2021. The system monitors vaccine shipments, reported adverse reactions, and the number of vaccines administered.

Ask yourself…if you used to work for a company that profited from COVID-19 restrictions, are you going to be fair to protesters who are concerned about COVID restrictions?

The National File even slammed him as an “obvious globalist puppet.”

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