Top Democrat Says Trump Has To Testify At January 6th Witch Hunt

( Democrats are totally obsessed with the idea that former President Donald Trump incited a violent insurrection in Washington, D.C., on January 6 – even though the impeachment trials against him ultimately found that, based on the evidence, he never once incited violence or an insurrection. But that doesn’t get in the way of a good narrative, and a top Democrat said on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump may be required to testify to far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s investigative committee.

Rep. Ro Khanna of California told CNN’s “Situation Room” on Wednesday that the House Select Committee established by Speaker Pelosi may have to hear testimony from Trump, but it remains unclear whether the former president will be legally required to testify.

Jim Acosta, the “reporter” who made his name by shouting at former President Donald Trump during press briefings, asked Rep. Khanna what he thinks about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulling Republican nominees to sit on the panel.

Khanna said it was “unfortunate” given that Speaker Pelosi’s committee is “bipartisan,” which it isn’t. Speaker Pelosi ensured it was entirely partisan when she refused to seat Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks on the committee for not sharing the opinion that Trump instigated the riot.

Khanna went on to say that Rep. Jordan cannot be on the committee because he doesn’t believe there was an insurrection, and given that the investigation is about the “insurrection,” he doesn’t fit.

How does that work? If there was an insurrection, then why do some people say there was no insurrection? Shouldn’t the investigation be used to determine whether it occurred in the first place?

Khanna went on to say that Trump was “giving speeches encouraging people to go into the Capitol,” which is also inaccurate – and possibly legally actionable. Former President Donald Trump never encouraged anybody to enter the Capitol Building, and there is no evidence to suggest he did.

He then claimed that, based on his false assertion, Trump is a “material witness.”

Let’s see how this one pans out…and let’s hope former President Trump sends his lawyers to Khanna’s office.

You can watch Rep. Khanna tell multiple lies in the CNN interview here.