Top CBS Executive Once Said That “Vaccines Don’t Work”

( The National Pulse discovered that a producer at CBS News who constantly uses his Twitter account to lob attacks at people who won’t get the COVID vaccine was nine years ago complaining on Twitter that flu shots don’t work.

Yeah? And?

This is like pointing out that someone who criticizes everyone who refuses to eat at McDonald’s was tweeting nine years earlier that he hates Wendy’s hamburgers.

But let’s play along.

According to The National Pulse, CBS News’ social media producer Christopher Brito has written articles at CBS News’ website promoting both the COVID vaccines and vaccine mandates. In addition to that, he routinely uses his Twitter account to take shots at people who won’t get the COVID vaccine and once suggested the NFL punish players who refuse to get vaccinated.

In April, Brito expressed frustration over Americans who, despite having access to the best COVID vaccines in the world, refuse to take them, calling it “wasted privilege.”

And then The National Pulse gets around to the so-called “smoking gun” they discovered by scouring Brito’s Twitter feed.

Nine years ago, in January 2013, Brito dismissed the “whole emergency with influenza,” adding “vaccines don’t work.”

But wait! There’s more!

The day before Brito criticized the flu shot when he sent the four-word tweet, “Flu shots don’t work.”

Admittedly, it’s not much of a smoking gun.

The context of Brito’s 2013 tweets isn’t obvious. Did he get a flu shot and end up getting the flu? Is this why he was complaining about the flu shot? Who knows? These are one-sentence tweets, not treatises.

But for The National Pulse, Brito criticizing flu shots, which the National Pulse points out are more effective against the flu than the COVID mRNA vaccines are against COVID, proves that …

Well, it’s unclear what it specifically proves other than today Brito doesn’t feel the same about COVID vaccines that he did about the flu shot back in January 2013.