Top Biden Official Makes Foolish Retweet That May Hurt Biden’s Plans

( After President Biden announced his unconstitutional vaccine dictates last week, MSNBC on-air personality Stephanie Ruhle tweeted out that by having OSHA manage this mandate as an emergency workplace safety rule, the Biden administration has found “the ultimate work-around for Federal govt to require vaccinations.”

Stephanie said the quiet part out loud.

Yes, a federal COVID vaccine mandate is unconstitutional, but hurray for the slippery Biden administration for finding “the ultimate work-around.”

Ruhle is nothing but a cable news talking head. Her opinions are irrelevant.

However, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain made the embarrassing mistake of retweeting Ruhl’s tweet. And that just might come back to bite the President in the behind when the 27 states suing him go to court.

Klain’s boneheaded retweet is referred to in court as “an admission against interest.” According to Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley, an admission against interest is a statement, when uttered, is against the party’s “pecuniary, proprietary or penal interests.”

Ron Klain, by retweeting Ruhle’s tweet was, in effect, admitting that the Biden Administration chose to work around the US Constitution.

Senator Ted Cruz retweeted someone who observed that the Courts do consider “intent and purpose of policies.” By endorsing the notion that Biden’s dictate to OSHA was a “work-around,” Ron Klain is signaling intent to enact “flagrantly illegal vaccine mandates.”

To this retweet, Senator Cruz added, “Foolish RT from WH chief of staff. He said the quiet part out loud.” Cruz went on to explain that the Biden administration is aware that the OSHA order is “likely illegal” just as the eviction moratorium from the CDC was, “but they don’t care.”

While Professor Turley concedes that Ron Klain stupidly retweeting Stephanie Ruhle “will not be determinative in this case,” he does point out that his retweet will likely be referenced by those challenging the mandate in court.

Like Cruz, Turley points out that Klain retweeting Ruhle “was saying the quiet part out loud.”

The Biden administration’s clumsy, catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan proved that this administration is populated by people who aren’t particularly bright. Common sense dictates that you do not hand your opponents the very weapon they can use to attack you. But that’s exactly what Ron Klain did.