Tom Cotton Says Gas Prices Were “Intended Effect” Of Biden’s Plans

( Last Friday, press secretary Jen Psaki inadvertently let the cat out of the bag when she admitted that rising gas prices help make the case for pursuing the administration’s clean energy options.

That certainly sounds like rising prices are all part of the Biden plan, doesn’t it?

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News published over the weekend, Republican Senator Tom Cotton said that he thinks the White House and Congressional Democrats are deliberately causing gas prices to rise to push their Green Energy agenda.

Now, Cotton didn’t say this in response to Psaki’s startling admission. This interview was conducted last week while he was campaigning for Republican midterm candidates in Iowa.

Cotton told Breitbart that he is hearing from more and more people who are telling him they can’t even afford to fill up their pickup trucks all the way. Instead, they are opting to only get a half tank of gas at a time in hopes that the price might go down later in the week.

This isn’t by accident, Cotton explained. Forcing the prices to rise is “the intended effect” of Biden’s energy policy. He said the White House wants gas to cost $4 a gallon so that people who drive pickups or larger SUVs can’t afford to fill up the tank. The purpose is to force people to get rid of their gas-guzzlers for electric cars or scooters “or whatever else Pete Buttigieg takes to work.”

Watch that clip of Jen Psaki again. Doesn’t it sound like Psaki is confirming what Cotton said?

And while the media pretends that Presidents don’t control the price of gasoline, Biden’s actions most definitely sent gas and energy prices skyrocketing.

From the very start of his presidency, Biden has done everything he can to choke off domestic energy production. And by doing so, he has forced the US to once again depend on OPEC and foreign energy suppliers. That way, Jen Psaki and the rest of this administration can point the finger of blame at OPEC and conclude that OPEC is too unreliable and we must pursue their green energy policies to solve the problem.

They are resorting to punishing the American people, backing us into a corner, and leaving us no options but their “green energy options.”

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