Time Magazine Reaches New Low With Embarrassing Photo Of Joe Biden

(PresidentialInsider.com)- In what can only be described as laughable state propaganda, Time Magazine last week unveiled the cover for its June 21 issue showing a remarkably healthy Joe Biden with Vladimir Putin reflected in his ubiquitous aviator glasses.

In tweeting out the absurdly comical cover art, Time proudly tweeted “Biden takes on Putin.”

Of course, reality is nowhere near the fiction Time’s laughable cover portrays.

If the G7 Summit in Cornwall is any indication, the tough-guy-in-aviator-glasses version of Joe Biden Time’s cover portrays is as fictional as James Bond.

Rather than a swaggering superhero, the Joe Biden who attended the G7 came off as a confused, shuffling old man European leaders knew they can exploit with relative ease.

Or ignore, as the case may be:

Does Time Magazine really believe a befuddled old man who has to be rescued from reporters by his arm-flailing wife is going to actually “take on Putin?”

Yesterday, Biden concluded his time at the G7 by giving a stumbling press conference. Like his one and only press conference in the US, Biden had note cards of which reporters he was allowed to call on – even claiming he would “get in trouble” if he did not stick to his staff-supplied notes.

In this press conference, Biden specifically addresses his upcoming meeting with Putin. And while many, including Tammy Bruce, highlighted the fact that the broken down old man mixed up Syria with Libya not once, but three times, what was more revealing about the clip was Biden saying he hoped to find “accommodation” with Russia.

Accommodating Russia isn’t “taking on Putin;” it’s accommodating Putin.

There is a reason that Wednesday’s meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will not conclude with a joint press conference between the two leaders.

And it isn’t because old Joe will be so filled with piss and vinegar he’ll make Putin will look bad.

The White House cannot run the risk that the bumbling, meandering, confused President will make a fool of himself.

But rather than honestly report on the President’s obvious physical and cognitive decline, outlets like Time Magazine would rather play pretend.