This Putin Video Suggests Health Rumors Might Be True

( This week, a video of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s legs trembling and about to buckle was heavily shared on social media. It’s been rumored that Putin has been diagnosed with blood cancer. This video only fuels the suspicion that the Russian leader could be fading fast. He looks nothing like the robust leader riding horseback, shirtless. He looks frail and more likely to be riding on a motorized scooter.

Before Russian filmmaker Nikita Milkhalkov accepted a trophy at an awards ceremony at the Kremlin on Sunday, Vladimir Putin made a few remarks. Swaying back and forth as he spoke, Putin appeared to be unsteady. At one point, to keep his equilibrium, he reaches for the podium, and his legs appear to buckle.

Vladimir Putin’s hands have been seen on video trembling many times over the years, with some clips showing them shaking violently. During a meeting with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko in February, Putin’s tremors were so bad it caused him to clutch the arm of a chair to keep them under control.

Even though he was able to complete his address on Sunday, the video went viral, with some speculating that it could be another sign that he is still in poor condition.

In May, an oligarch close to Vladimir Putin alleged that he was “extremely sick with blood cancer.” New Lines Magazine transcribed it. However, the identity of the oligarch was kept a secret.

According to a claim on the Telegram channel General SVR, Vladimir Putin has been warned to avoid “lengthy” public engagements. The channel is supposedly managed by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service lieutenant general.

The channel stated that there would be no long public appearances in the near future. This advice comes from his physicians. During a recent one-and-a-half-hour video-link discussion with military bloc leaders, Putin tried to get up from the table after the meeting, but he felt an acute illness and dizziness.

According to the station, Putin was in “immediate” need of medical attention. This is why his doctors suggest that Putin avoid long sessions sitting at a table.

There has been no third-party verification of these assertions.