The Taliban Is Worried About Andrew Tate’s Arrest

In comments during a recent Twitter Spaces chat, members of the Taliban expressed concern over recent Muslim convert Andrew Tate’s detention in Romania on human trafficking charges in late December.

So-called “anti-woke” journalist Sameera Khan hosted a Twitter Spaces chat with members of the Afghan Taliban on New Year’s Eve to discuss Tate’s arrest.

Sameera Khan on Twitter: “Taliban in the space: “Westerners need Andrew Tate because they are oppressed by feminists.”” / Twitter

According to Khan the Taliban was reportedly “worried” about Tate and asked if he had been freed yet. Khan said the Taliban believes the West needed the controversial Tate because it is “oppressed by feminists.” Participants in the chat included Afghan journalist Omar Baryal as well as Afghan Twitter users.

In a December interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” before his arrest, the former kickboxer and Muslim convert praised the Taliban claiming the terrorist group was returning law and order to Afghanistan.

Piers Morgan Takes On Andrew Tate AGAIN! | The Full Interview #2 – YouTube

He dismissed the notion that the Taliban is “utterly evil” and said while the group’s law and order may not be one the West likes, itis still a “form of law and order,” and humans gravitate toward that.

On December 29, Tate, his brother Tristan, and two Romanian men were detained by Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group. Romanian prosecutors said they found evidence that six women has been sexually exploited by the men who allegedly used “physical violence and mental constraint” to hold the women against their will.

The women were forced to make pornographic content that was distributed on social media for the financial benefit of the men, according to prosecutors. Prosecutors said the Tate brothers had been under criminal investigation since April when Tate’s Bucharest mansion was searched by police in connection to human trafficking allegations.

On December 30, prosecutors asked a Bucharest court to remand Andrew Tate, his brother, and the other two men for 30 days.