The Message Hillary Clinton Put On Her Dress Revealed

( Last Monday was the annual Met Gala in New York, and among the rich, famous, and pretty who attended the hoity-toity event was the rich, famous, and bitter 2016 presidential loser, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton, who hadn’t attended the Met Gala in twenty years, appeared on the red carpet wearing a designer gown embroidered with the names of women Hillary admires, including Madeline Albright, Abigail Adams, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Lady Bird Johnson, and Hillary’s late mother Dorothy Rodham.

In an exclusive video from Vogue, Hillary explained that names were embroidered in the handwriting of the designer, Joseph Altuzarra. The names were then embroidered onto the maroon gown.

Altuzarra told Vogue that Hillary Clinton attending the Met Gala has a lot of significance, so her gown needs to be significant as well.

Yeah, okay. Whatever.

It’s a swanky event nobody outside of New York or LA cares about. There is no significance to it, except as a way to point out yet again that the ruling class lives in a bubble and has no idea what life is like in the rest of the country.

While Hillary wore a designer gown and more make-up than an entire army of Hooters waitresses, the one thing she and the rest of the rich and famous weren’t wearing was a mask. Meanwhile, every lowly servant at the Met Gala was required to wear a mask.

In a particularly eye-opening video Vogue posted on Twitter, at one point as the unmasked Hillary preened for the cameras, a masked black manservant knelt beside her adjusting the train of her gown:

Yeah, that is not a good look.

A still photo showing Hillary O’Hara and the black manservant kneeling at her feet went viral on social media, with most people blasting the optics of the unmasked, wealthy, entitled white woman Hillary with a masked black man kneeling beside her.

Perhaps Hillary should’ve had Joseph Altuzarra embroider the word “Hypocrite” onto the gown as well.