The Media Is Suddenly Calling For Term Limits For Supreme Court Justices

( While there is bipartisan agreement that there should be term limits for Congress, Democrats and Republicans are split on whether or not there should be term limits for the Supreme Court, including whether more seats should be added or if there should be a retirement age for the Justices.

A new poll shows that Americans are evenly split over adding more seats to the Court. 34% support the measure, while 34% oppose, leaving 32% undecided, according to an AP-NORC survey released Monday.

When considering respondents’ political party, the divide grows larger. More than half of Democrats (52%) support increasing the number of seats on the Court with only 14% opposed to it, whereas just 14% of Republicans are in support with 61% against.

Term limits for the Supreme Court was supported by a majority of Americans (67%). 82% of Democrats support the measure and 57% of Republicans support it. A mandatory retirement age for the Justices held similar Republican support (56%), and 75% of Democratic support.

Democrats and young adults reportedly showed little to no confidence in the Supreme Court. In April, they reported to have just 17% confidence in the Court against 27% they had no confidence and more than half saying they only had some confidence. In July, those numbers shrank drastically. Today, just 4% of Democrats report to have confidence in the Court, with 64% saying they have none at all.

The survey was conducted from July 14-17 with 1,085 adults a few weeks after the Supreme Court overturned the controversial Roe v. Wade. The survey also showed a stark emotional split in that decision. While Democrats were more likely to say they felt anxious, hopeless, and angry, Republicans were more likely to say they were relieved, proud, and excited over the decision.

At least half of women reported feeling somewhat angry, hopeless and anxious about the decision.