Teen Girl And Parents Arrested For Trying To Go To School

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A teen girl and her parents were reportedly arrested in Arizona after she attempted to attend school.

The story comes from Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, where the girl was told to quarantine and avoid the school after she “may have been exposed” to somebody else who tested positive for COVID-19. There was no evidence that the girl was sick with the virus, and when she attempted to attend her classes, she and her parents were arrested for trespassing.

Parents Damian and Jennifer Majuta said that they did not believe the teenage girl was suffering from COVID, and that they wanted her to receive an education. All three were arrested, booked, and later released with citations.

And if it all sounds unbelievable, you can witness the arrest take place in the clip below…presuming Twitter hasn’t removed it by the time you’re reading this.

In an official statement, the Sahuarita Police Department said that officers were made aware of the presence of a group of seven adults and a student outside of the Walden Grove High School on Friday, August 13. They said that the goal of the group was to speak with the principal of the school about the student being banned from attending school because of the Sahuarita Unified School District COVID-19 policy.

It’s true that this was technically trespass as the protesters were not given permission to be on school property and the student was, under official rules, not allowed to attend school. But where is the sense in the rules, and shouldn’t the school be paying an active interest in the education of its students…and not arresting them?

How many other times in history have students been arrested for trying to go to class?