Ted Cruz Grills Vanita Gupta On Camera

(PresidentianInsider.com)- Republican Senator Ted Cruz went hard on far-left civil rights attorney and progressive activist Vanita Gupta during a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, slamming her for her opposition to free speech.

Gupta previously ran the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division under the controversial Obama administration and was facing questions from Republicans on the committee about her extreme views and history of using ultra-partisan rhetoric.

Cruz picked apart Gupta’s record, before asking her what she meant when she claimed that the First Amendment right to free speech was not a “floating” right but actually carried “responsibilities.”

Gupta first made the comment on October 24, 2019, when posting an article from the New Yorker titled, “Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t know what the First Amendment is for.”

Cruz told Gupta that he was concerned about free speech, censorship, and Big Tech, before reminding her that she was “one of a handful of individuals invited to have dinner with Mark Zuckerberg [Facebook CEO] to discuss the growing problem we’ve seen of Big Tech censorship silencing voices that Silicon Valleys disagree with.”

“And the dismaying thing of what has been publicly reported about that meeting,” he added, “is not that you urged Mr. Zuckerberg and others in Big Tech to protect free speech, to have a free and fair marketplace of ideas, but precisely the opposite.”

That’s when he brought up the Tweet.

“That seems to suggest that you want Big Tech to censor more speech rather than less speech,” he said.

Incredibly, Gupta tried to claim that she has “fiercely defended freedom of speech.”

“I’ve worked for an organization that has often been criticized for being so fierce in its defense of all free speech. I also believe that any type of viewpoint discrimination is an anathema to this country, it is unconstitutional plainly,” she said.

But Cruz cut her off and asked her if she has ever defended speech of someone who she disagreed with, including pro-life advocates or pro-Second Amendment advocates.

Gupta then tried to claim that her work at the American Civil Liberties Union showed her defending people with different views to her, but Cruz didn’t let her get away with it and insisted that she answered whether or not she had ever done it in a personal capacity.

Her answer?

“I’m sure that I did.”

Do you believe her?

Be sure to check out the full video. It’s a real grilling, and something we need to see mor of.