Teacher Caught Taping Mask On “Mortified” Student’s Face

(PresidentialInsider.com)- One day, Americans will look back at the COVID pandemic and marvel at the collective insanity, the blind fear, and the abuse of children America’s COVID response unleashed.

But until that day, we will be witness to a regular influx of lunatic stories like this one:

Last week, a Pennsylvania middle school teacher was caught in a now-viral picture taping a mask to the face of one of her students. Mask insanity, however, is beginning to wear thin among the general public, so when the picture went public, the community was outraged and the school district was forced to issue an apology.

Last Monday, a Facebook group called North Penn Stronger Together posted the picture of the Pennfield Middle School teacher in Hatfield using tape to secure a mask to a kid’s face. In presenting the image, North Penn Stronger Together commented that whether you are pro- or anti-mask, everyone should agree that taping a mask to a kid’s face “crosses the line.”

It would be fair to say that forcing children, who are the least at risk of COVID to wear a mask at all crosses the line. But baby steps.

The group encouraged community members to attend the upcoming school board meeting to voice their opinion.

By Wednesday, the school released a statement apologizing, saying that after an investigation, the incident was being addressed with the tape-wielding teacher. The school described it as an isolated incident and claimed the teacher in question intended no malice. In its statement, the school acknowledged that the actions were “entirely inappropriate and unacceptable.”

What is not clear, however, is if the teacher will face any disciplinary action.

COVID has made a lot of Americans insane. Though, admittedly, many of those insane people had a bit of a head start. In the name of “keeping people safe,” too many in this country were willing to surrender their civil liberties while giving a green light to the emotional and psychological abuse of their own children.

COVID has also exposed just how many of the people charged with educating America’s children are paranoid, emotionally unstable little tyrants. And for every picture or video of a teacher taping a mask to a kid, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of incidents that go unnoticed.