Talent Agency DROPS Fox News Star

(PresidentialInsider.com)- On Monday it was reported that the talent agency representing investigative reporter Lara Logan had cut ties with her several weeks ago over remarks she made during a November 29 appearance on “Fox News Primetime.”

In her November 29 appearance, Logan was recounting what people had been saying to her about Anthony Fauci. She said they were telling her that Fauci doesn’t represent science. Instead, he represents Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who experimented on Jews in concentration camps during World War Two.

In other words, Logan wasn’t saying Anthony Fauci is Josef Mengele. She said that others were comparing him to Josef Mengele.

But for the American corporate media, who spent four years comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, Logan recounting what others had said to her was a bridge too far. The outrage was swift and immediate, with calls for her Fox Nation program “Lara Logan Has No Agenda” to be canceled and Logan barred from appearing on Fox News.

Naturally, Fauci was asked what he thought about Logan’s remarks. And, as he did with Fox host Jesse Watters, Fauci blasted Fox News for permitting Logan to say what she said. He wanted Lara Logan “disciplined” for telling “Fox News Primetime” what people are saying to her.

Mediate reported last Monday that United Talent Agency confirmed that it cut ties with Logan several weeks earlier. According to a “company insider,” Logan was dropped for her “highly offensive” and “unacceptable” comments.

Again, Lara Logan did not personally compare Fauci to Mengele. She started her remarks by saying, “This is what people say to me.”

In short, a reporter reported what was said. But for doing the job a reporter is supposed to do, her talent agency dropped her.

But this isn’t the first time UTA has dropped someone who became a target of the Left’s anger.

In early 2021, the agency dropped former Mandalorian star Gina Carano after the Star Wars franchise fired her over “denigrating” social media posts.

Logan is an unpaid guest on Fox News, and since her November 29 appearance, she has not been booked.

Meanwhile, no new episodes of “Lara Logan Has No Agenda” have aired on Fox Nation.