Suspect “Wanted To Die” Before Killing Victims

The New York Post reported that 62-year-old Weng Sor is the culprit who was driving the U-Haul truck that hit at least eight people in Brooklyn on Monday.

The NYPD said that Sor yelled and demanded that they shoot him. As police attempted to pull him over, he said he wouldn’t stop and admitted that he “wanted to die.”

Sor is accused of hitting at least one moped rider at the intersection of 5th Avenue and the Bay Ridge Parkway at approximately 11 a.m. The pursuit by the police lasted for 30 minutes.

Security video shows the U-Haul leading the pursuit north into Sunset Park, where it eventually rides up onto the sidewalk. At least seven other persons, including two on mopeds, were struck by the driver’s car as they fled northward on the Gowanus Expressway until it was eventually halted in Red Hook.

A man in his 30s was struck on 4th Avenue and rushed in severe condition to Lutheran Hospital.

Reports say that of the eight injured people, four are in stable condition, two are in severe condition, and two are in critical condition.

Commissioner Keechant Sewell stated at a press conference that very little information about the suspect is available to the police at this time. They were in the process of investigating, Sewell indicated. He said their immediate task was to analyze around seven scenes.

The NYPD bomb squad was called in the inspect the truck. The U-Haul turned out to contain simply laundry detergent.

It’s unclear whether or not charges will be filed.

Eyewitness Rua Bishar said the vehicle was flying far too fast, it struck one person, and he fell. The vehicle then ran over him. The situation was awful. This man seemed to be lifeless. There were a lot of people around him, and he was completely still.

Police sources informed the press that they were looking into whether or not Sor was using the vehicle, which had been rented in Florida in February, as a place of residence.

According to the sources, Sor had one earlier run-in with authorities for a mental health check in 2019 and got two traffic infractions on the Belt Expressway in the exact vehicle in February. Sor was transported to a nearby hospital for mental treatment after witnesses saw him ranting and leaping into driving traffic on a roadway in Queens.