Supreme Court Justice Issues Dire Warning To America

( The conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court losing the trust of the American people would be a terrible thing for democracy, according to liberal Justice Elena Kagan.

Kagan spoke publicly for the first time since the court’s historic decision last month to reverse the Roe v. Wade ruling that made abortion legal nationwide. She emphasized the significance of the justices remaining in their proper roles as judges and refraining from imposing public policy.

According to reports, at a judicial conference in Montana, Kagan said she wasn’t talking about any one case or even any particular set of decisions. Still, if the court loses touch with the people and public sentiment over time, that’s a bad thing for a democracy.

Kagan, a court member since 2010, said that overall, the court keeps its legitimacy and nurtures public trust by acting like a court by doing the kinds of things that do not appear to be political or partisan. Along with the two other liberal justices, Kagan dissented in the abortion decision and noted that the court earns its legitimacy by what it does and how it behaves.

No, a court earns its legitimacy by following The Constitution. It defends states’ rights ad personal rights. It does not operate by ‘public sentiment.’ Not by the approval of hysterical people wearing genitalia costumes outside of the SCOTUS building. Not by the permission of some nutjob threatening Justices outside of their homes because he doesn’t like how a Justice ruled on a case. And contrary to what Vice President Kamala ‘she/her/blue suit’ Harris believes, abortion is not a Constitutional right.

Reports show Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, a fellow liberal selected by Biden to replace the court’s outgoing Stephen Breyer, will start the next term in October.

Ketanji Brown Jackson was chosen by President Joe Biden, who said he would specifically pick a black woman for the position. [Even though the Justice he was replacing hadn’t even officially set a retirement date yet.]  Ironically, Jackson later claimed she didn’t know what a woman was because she wasn’t a biologist.