“Suicide” Reported At Election Polling Station

In Kansas, the Topeka Police Department is investigating a suicide that occurred Tuesday morning at a Shawnee County polling location.

Polling place suicide (wibw.com)

Reports show a representative for the City of Topeka stated that the suicide occurred in a vehicle parked in front of a polling location at 312 NE Freeman Avenue on Tuesday, November 8. They claimed that there were no additional injuries and that there was no danger to the public.

The city stated that the polling location was still open and unaffected by the probe. Let’s hope no one from the polling station decided to vote illegally on his behalf. Sadly, suicide rates have been on the rise since 2019 in Topeka, Kansas.

But the crime rate remains steady. According to Neighborhood Scout, the Kansas state capital may not be the safest location to reside.

This is best illustrated by Topeka’s poor Neighborhood Scout score: it ranked as safer than only 3% of other U.S. cities.

Topeka has one of the highest crime rates in the United States, according to Neighborhood Scout, with a crime rate of 55 crimes per 1,000 residents. In Topeka, your odds of becoming a victim of a violent or property crime are 1 in 18.

Over 99percent of municipalities in Kansas have a lower crime rate than Topeka. Some of the most “popular” crimes in the nation’s capital are violent and property offenses.

With a population of 126,597, Topeka has a combined violent and property crime rate that is very high compared to other cities with a similar population size.

Neighborhood Scout stated that regardless of whether Topeka performs well or poorly when compared to all other cities and towns in the United States, it performs poorly compared to places with similar populations. Few other cities of its size have a crimerate comparable to that of Topeka.