Steve Bannon Goes On Epic Rant Exposing Joe Biden

( During an episode of his “War Room” podcast, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon unleashed on President Joe Biden, exposing his “completely revolting” treatment of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Bannon welcomed the former mayor and former personal attorney to President Donald Trump to his show on Wednesday to discuss how the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his Manhattan apartment.

It was also revealed during the show that the feds started spying on Giuliani the moment he became President Trump’s attorney back in May, 2018 – indicating that investigations focused on his work or alleged dealings in Ukraine could be entirely political.

Bannon slammed Biden’s political attacks against Giuliani and described how his entire family and administration is already compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.

“I can tell you who’s not going to back down,” Bannon said. “The guy who put the five families away.

Giuliani has long been a target of the Democrats and deep state, but particularly after his efforts in the wake of the 2020 presidential election to fight for election integrity and ensure a president was not inaugurated off the back of election fraud or misconduct.

Bannon reminded viewers that there wouldn’t be an audit taking place in Arizona today if it was not for Giuliani’s legal efforts and the evidence he presented in evidentiary hearings showing misconduct in battleground states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

In the clip above, you can even hear Bannon unleashing on the Justice Department under Bill Barr, describing the operation as a “clown show” with a “capital C.”

Not only was former Mayor Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment raided by the FBI, but he also remains the focus of a lawsuit claiming defamation against voting machine company Dominion – despite Giuliani presenting what he said was hard evidence of election fraud and misconduct I the wake of the election.