Steve Bannon Gets A Threat For More Charges From Government

( These people are absolutely evil and straight out of hell.

The SDNY leftists are still fighting Steve Bannon and anyone else who seems to be a threat to their hold on power. They are weaponizing the legal system to target and punish him.

Bannon discovered he was facing new criminal charges on Wednesday, comparable to the fraud inquiry for which the president pardoned him before he departed the White House.

These evil liberals want a second bite of the apple with these accusations.

The specifics of the supposed new allegations Bannon is up against are unknown.
In January 2021, as Trump was leaving the White House and shortly after pardoning his old comrade, the Manhattan district attorney’s office began an investigation into Bannon.

For the record, since Joe Biden stole the presidency, Bannon’s “We Build the Wall” movement has constructed miles of wall. They are targets because of this.

Bannon, 68, was charged with conspiracy, money laundering, and plotting to defraud in what the prosecution claimed was a one-year scheme. In a brief arraignment before acting Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, Bannon entered a plea of not guilty and consented to give up his passports as a condition of his release on bail. The primary criminal court in New York is the Supreme Court.

WeBuildTheWall.Inc. is also included in the six-count indictment, which claims that Bannon collaborated with them. Bannon served as the nonprofit’s “advisory board” head. Prosecutors claim that the organization deceived thousands of donors by claiming funds would be used to construct a wall along the southern border.

According to the filing, the group’s president, Brian Kolfage, who isn’t included in the indictment, took home hundreds of thousands of dollars from the scheme. The indictment claims that Bannon utilized some funds to pay Kolfage $140,000 by having funds from the campaign moved to a nonprofit organization under his control.

It is claimed by the prosecution that Bannon was aware of the fact that Kolfage allegedly told contributors, “I’m taking zero dollars of a salary, no compensation,” and that Bannon had echoed the allegations.

Bannon will have his day in court.