Steve Bannon ‘Blowing Up the Whole System’ With Legal Fight

( In fighting his criminal contempt of Congress charges, podcaster Steve Bannon is seeking to publicly release the documents subpoenaed by the January 6 select committee, and The Daily Beast is up in arms over it.

In a report titled “Steve Bannon’s Jan. 6 Legal Strategy: ‘Blowing Up the Whole System,” Daily Beast writer Jose Pagliery accuses Bannon of trolling the Biden Justice Department. But worse, Pagliery writes, the strategy Bannon is using is creating a “playbook” that might be followed by other witnesses subpoenaed by the phony committee.


The thing that really bothers Jose Pagliery is Bannon wants to release the documents publicly when he refuses to provide them to the cranks on the select committee. What’s more, Bannon also wants to make public some of the evidence against him.

In a court filing from late November, federal prosecutors argued that Bannon publicly releasing this “evidence,” which includes secret witness interviews and internal communications between select committee staffers, would cause “specific harms” like “witness tampering” and make it even harder to find impartial jurors if Bannon’s case goes to trial.

In their own court filing last Tuesday, Bannon’s lawyers called the prosecution’s argument “festooned with hyperbole” suggesting it was designed “to score points with the media.”

Mr. Palgiery is also miffed that fifteen news organizations, including CNN, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Times have filed papers with the court siding with Bannon and asking the judge in the case to reject “this broad gag order” and make the documents publicly available.

Naturally, the Daily Beast report finds some “legal experts” who believe that this is Bannon’s attempt at blackmailing the select committee by threatening to “spill” their secrets.

While Jose Palgiery was unable to get Bannon’s lawyers to respond to his breathless and angry article, in their court filing on Tuesday, they dismissed the government’s claim that this was an attempt at “witness intimidation.”

In their filing, Bannon’s attorneys point out Bannon’s is “a misdemeanor case” not a case where witnesses have been intimidated. His attorneys told the judge that documents produced during the grand jury are not among those they seek to release.