Star Wars Actor Says He Will Only Date One Race

“Star Wars” actor John Boyega was surprised he faced blowback on Twitter simply for saying he would only date black women.

In a recent interview with GQ UK, the 30-year-old British actor admitted that he will “only date black,” explaining that for him it is about chemistry, personality, and goals.

Unsurprisingly, some of the perpetually offended on Twitter took offense at Boyega’s remarks, with some making the standard “what if a white celebrity said he would only date white women?” responses.

Rather than ignore the anonymous nobodies complaining about his preference, Boyega decided to respond.

In one tweet, Boyega compared what he said to those who talk about preferring blonds or brunettes, adding, “My preference is not a topic for debate.”

Then why are you debating it? If it is not a topic for debate, ignore the anonymous complainers on social media and go about your life, honey.

The next day, Boyega kept making his preferences a topic for debate, expressing surprise in another tweet that people are reacting to his preferences the way they are when he didn’t “belittle other people while expressing” what he prefers.

He explained that belittling others meant “your preference is based on negativity,” noting that this is not what he did. Instead, he explained, he “expressed” his love for “cultural familiarity and the positivity I feel.”

John Boyega must be new to Twitter if he hasn’t yet figured out that most people inhabiting that garbage site are always looking for a reason to be nasty.

It’s Social Media Rule #1: Never feed the trolls.