Stacy Abrahams Laughs When Someone Jokes About Joe Biden Having A Brain Condition

( During a podcast interview, Stacey Abrams, a Georgia gubernatorial contender, was caught on camera chuckling after the host said Joe Biden had Alzheimer’s.

When the 85 South Show podcast host Karlous Miller said that the 79-year-old president’s forgetfulness was due to dementia, Abrams couldn’t contain her large gap-toothed smile.

Abrams was in the middle of saying that Biden had a dream, and he’s talked about how he envisioned that future when Miller interjected.

“But he forgot. His Alzheimer’s kicked in.”

Miller continued, “You didn’t see him?”

The former Georgia state legislator smiled and appeared to try to stick up for Biden.

But Miller wasn’t finished.

“He was talking the other day when he turned around and saw no one behind him.” Miller imitated Biden and said, “He was like ‘I’ll be damned, I’ll be damned. I thought somebody was behind me.’”

Abrams did her best to ignore Miller, but it was clear that her smile was a knowing smile.

Biden has faced criticisms since the start of his presidency about his cognitive competency. He is the oldest US president in history.
As Miller detailed, last month the 46th president, while finishing a speech about the nation’s ongoing supply chain crisis, turned around and stuck his hand out as if to shake hands, but no one was there. Then turned his back on the audience before wandering off stage.
Foreign nations have also slammed Biden over his apparent cognitive decline.
In April, a Saudi TV outlet made fun of Biden with a television sketch that portrays him as doddering and forgetful, which has since gone viral.
The SNL-style skit comes from the show Studio 22 and features Harris, played by a man in drag who has to guide Biden to the podium and help him when he loses his train of thought.
The one-minute clip has Biden wandering off stage, forgetting the name of the Russian president, falling asleep mid-sentence, and calling his Vice President ‘First Lady’.
‘Listen to me,’ the president says. ‘I have a very important message for you. The message is…’
And he falls asleep.
Night, night, Joe.