‘Squad’ members call on Biden to shut down Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota

(PresidentialInsider.com)- The progressive “Squad” in the House of Representatives is hoping to convince President Joe Biden to shut down yet another pipeline.

On Friday, members of the Squad held a press conference, Minnesota, saying construction on the Line 3 pipeline in Minneapolis, Minnesota, should be stopped immediately. They say there has been opposition from indigenous people and also environmental risks.

Representative Ayanna Pressley, Democrat from Minnesota, said the pipeline’s shutdown is a “no-brainer,” saying “President Biden has the opportunity and … the responsibility in making good on his word to be the climate president, and must direct the Army Corps of Engineers to revoke the permit for Line 3.”

Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar, who is constantly facing controversy, added on top of that by saying:

“The voices of indigenous people are often not prioritized … we want this issue to be elevated and for it to be important enough for the president to take action.”

Over the weekend, the progressive members of the Squad visited Bemidji, one of the sites of the pipeline. There, they met with leaders of the indigenous people who are opposed to the pipeline project.

On the other side of the aisle are Republicans and members of various unions who are in full support of the pipeline. They held a press conference of their own last week, where they pledged their ongoing support of the project.

Representative Pete Stauber, also of Minnesota, said:

“In northern Minnesota, the constituents I represent are happy this project is moving forward, are happy about the economic benefits, are happy about the vetting process.”

The environment isn’t the only concern about the particular pipeline. Last week, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination sent a letter that requested the U.S. federal government respond to various allegations of violations of human rights at the construction site for the pipeline.

Some advocacy organizations representing indigenous people said the Anishinaabe nation wasn’t consulted properly before the construction started. A petition these groups filed also said the construction poses a risk to the people and the ecosystem on which they rely.

Construction on the pipeline is almost complete, though.

One of the groups that filed the petition is Honor the Earth. Its executive director, Winona LaDuke, recently said in a statement:

“Here we have a Canadian multinational corporation that is not only a climate criminal in a time of climate chaos, but a corporation and a country which is now promoting violence against Indigenous peoples, a total denial of our rights to continue food security, existence, environmental eco-side damage, and certainly the violation of treaty rights and all agreements under our laws and under international laws.

“We are grateful that the United Nations is asking questions to the United States and we believe that good nations should uphold their treaties and good countries should not wage war on Indigenous peoples.”