Beware: Conversational Hypnosis is Real

If you’ve ever asked yourself; “Why did I say yes to that?” in disbelief, you may have become a victim of what is now known by experts as “Conversational Hypnosis.”

At one time, these techniques were taught only to licensed practitioners; however, now it seems anyone can get their hands on these powerful techniques and use them with good (or bad) intentions.

One man was caught on camera literally getting store clerks and bank tellers to hand him cash willingly and repeatedly without any memory of doing so.

The problem is with human nature itself. When one person has an unfair advantage over another (or over many people), it’s up to their honesty and integrity how they use these covert techniques as a tool for good (or a weapon) to do harm.

Can you protect yourself from Conversational Hypnosis?

Awareness of the covert techniques may help protect you; however, we can’t be certain of that. It’s important to have honest dialog with yourself at all times. If you ever feel like you’re compelled to do something against your will, pause and ask yourself;

“Why am I really doing this? Is this really my idea… or am I just doing something because someone else wants me to?”

You can read more about Conversational Hypnosis here >>

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