Soros Allies Say It’s Time To Legalize All Illegal Aliens In America

( After the Congressional Democrats’ scheme to slip amnesty for illegal aliens into the $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” omnibus spending bill was stopped cold by the Senate Parliamentarian, a number of open borders groups with ties to billionaire George Soros sent armies of activists all over Washington DC to demand citizenship for illegal aliens.

These group, including CASA de Maryland, Make the Road NY, United We Dream, United Farm Workers, SEIU, and the Center for Popular Democracy, are demanding that Democrats ignore the Senate Parliamentarian’s decision and put amnesty into the over-bloated bill anyway.

During one of the activist rallies, led by Center for Popular Democracy radicals, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with Senators Alex Padilla of California and Bob Menendez of New Jersey, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) addressed the activists.

Calling the Parliamentarian’s decision “extremely disappointing,” Senator Schumer let the activists know that the Senate Democrats were already scheming on “alternative proposals.”

Because of course they are.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats never ever give up – even if it means ignoring the Senate Parliamentarian, Supreme Court rulings, the will of the people, or the law.

Schumer then waxed on about how noble all those illegal aliens are that they “risked their lives to help others” during the COVID pandemic, adding that foreign nationals in the country illegally are “so much a part of America.”

One of the “alternative proposals” Democrats are plotting is revising the registry date from the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act without having to actually, you know, pass a law amending the 1986 law.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act, signed by Republican President Ronald Reagan, was promoted as a “once and done” reform law that would provide amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to any foreign national in the country illegally who arrived in the US since prior to January 1, 1972.

What Senate Democrats plan to do is change the January 1, 1972 date codified in the law to January 1, 2010. Senator Bob Menendez claims that altering the date codified in the 1986 law is not changing the 1986 law.