“Slap A Teacher Challenge” Doesn’t Actually Show Up On TikTok

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A Louisiana high school student attacked a disabled teacher, hitting her several times and knocking her out of her wheelchair in what was supposedly a TikTok challenge called “Slap a Teacher.”

Eighteen-year-old Larrianna Jackson from Covington High School was arrested by police on Wednesday for felony battery of a school teacher in the unprovoked attack.

Covington Police said the assault was possibly tied to a viral trend on TikTok, where users on the app “have deemed it to be a challenge” to destroy school property and attack teachers. Police warned that anyone who participates in such a “challenge” will be prosecuted.

However, in a tweet on Wednesday, TikTok denied that such a challenge exists on its platform, adding that the “rumored ‘slap a teacher’ dare” is an insult to educators everywhere. TikTok said that while it isn’t trending on its platform if such a challenge does show up at any point, the content will be removed.

Fox News searched TikTok for “slap a teacher” as well as any other related phrases but could find no such challenge in its search. The only things that turned up in its search were eleven videos, all posted by teachers, discouraging students from assaulting educators.

Whether it was a TikTok challenge or not really doesn’t matter. A video filmed by another student in the class showing Jackson assaulting the 64-year-old wheelchair-bound teacher did appear on social media. The video shows Jackson striking the victim at least four times before hurling her to the ground. Then after the woman fell to the ground, Jackson continued to violently punch her with a closed fist.

The unnamed teacher was treated and released from the hospital. It is unclear when she will be returning to the classroom.

St. Tammany Schools Superintendent Frank Jabbia told local news outlet WVUE that he was devastated by what he saw in the video. He added that all students involved in the incident will be disciplined.

While Jackson has been charged in the crime, Covington police said that the incident is still under investigation and “more arrests will be forthcoming.”