Sheriff Sends Dire Warning To “Idiot” Joe Biden Over Drugs

( An Idaho Sheriff recently criticized the idiotic Biden administration from the number of drugs pouring across the southern border. He said that drug overdoses are plaguing his county, especially fentanyl and methamphetamine which are drugs notably coming in from our border.

Canyon County, Idaho Sheriff Kieran Donahue went on Fox News to discuss the issue as he sees it tremendously harming his community.

“We’re at a crisis stage, quite frankly. We have never seen the numbers of seizures and the amounts of any drug, including methamphetamine, like we’re seeing in fentanyl. And of course, we’re still dealing with the methamphetamine crisis we’ve been in for years,” he told Fox’s Carley Shimkus.

Hospitalizations have increased from deputies just being in contact with the potent drug, Donahue claimed. He said that the battle with drugs is constant and not a day goes by when they are not dealing with someone who is associated with Mexican cartels. We are at war with the cartels,” he said.

When Donahue was on the FBI gang task force he said that the cartel attempted to kidnap his daughter who was then 16 years old.

“My family’s been threatened by these gangs, by the cartel membership,” he said. “They tried to kidnap my daughter years ago. She was 16 years old. Thankfully, that case got unraveled before it actually happened.”

Donahue also took a shot at the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security secretary Mayorkas, calling him “idiotic” for saying that the border is secure because clearly it is not. He accused the administration of “hiding from the truth.

“This is absolutely ridiculous to think this border is secure, that we’re safe in our communities. We are not. We are on the cusp of complete collapse.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in April that they were going to bus illegal aliens to blue cities, including Washington, D.C. This led to D.C. Mayor Bowser to ask Biden for a deployment of National Guardsmen after 4,000 illegal aliens arrived in D.C, according to a report from Breitbart. Both Bowser and NYC Mayor Adams have acknowledged the detrimental effects illegal immigration is having on the city.

Immigration activists are reportedly speculating that busing illegal immigrants are illegal. Laughable, isn’t it?

In the last 16 months since Biden took office, over 1.3 million illegals settled in the country, accounting to two-thirds of foreign population growth, according to a report.