Senator To Investigate Marines Used At Biden Event


Two Republican lawmakers are demanding answers from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin over the White House’s decision to use Marines as stage props during President Biden’s vitriolic political diatribe in Philadelphia earlier this month.

During Biden’s political speech, the US Marine Band played and two Marines stood sentry behind the president washed in blood-red lighting as Biden accused half the country of being a threat to the Republic.

The White House’s decision to use military props in a political event prompted harsh objection seven from the traditionally supportive liberal media, including CNN.

Republican Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana and Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Secretary Austin requesting responses to a series of questions regarding the use of Marines during such an obvious political speech. The lawmakers want to know who made the decision to have Marines included in the campaign event.

In their letter, the Republicans want to know what justification was used to by pass the strict rules prohibiting the use of the military in political activities.They also wanted to know if anyone along the chain of command expressed opposition or reservations about the decision to use Marines“as political bunting.”

The lawmakers brought up General Mike Milley’s previous opposition to military personnel’s involvement in former President Trump’s so-called “photo-op” in LaFayette Square in June2020. They ask Secretary Austin if General Milley expressed similar opposition to the WhiteHouse’s use of the Marines during Biden’s vitriolic speech.

They also asked Secretary Austin if he thought it was “wise and appropriate” to use Marines during Biden’s speech at Independence Hall.

Banks and Grassley have given Secretary Austin until October 14 to respond to their letter.

Read the letterHERE.