Sen. Warren Calls To End Filibuster

( Elizabeth Warren has been a strident vocal opponent of the filibuster for two years. Of course, at the same time Warren has been shrieking her objections to the 60-vote margin to advance legislation she wants, she has happily exploited the 60-vote margin to obstruct legislation she doesn’t want.

But as Liz Warren is a Democrat, this double-standard is standard operating procedure.

This past week, Warren again voiced her shrill support for abolishing the filibuster. On Real America’s Voice Wednesday, Warren invoked the Founding Fathers as the reason for scrapping the 60-vote margin.

According to Warren, the Founders said, “You know, for some things we should, like impeaching a president, but not for regular legislation.”

Of course Warren failed to cite which Founder said this and where. But just trust her; she wouldn’t lie about anything.

After recounting her never-before-heard statement from the Founders, Warren added, “And if was good enough for the Founders, it is good enough for me.”

The Founders also enshrined the right to keep and bear arms in the Bill of Rights. But that isn’t at all good for Liz.

The Founders also vested in the states how their elections will be run. But Liz wants to abolish the filibuster so that the US Congress can pass a bill effectively nullifying election laws in all fifty states.

What’s more, the Founders intended that Senators be selected by state legislatures, not elected by popular vote of the people. The reason was clear. Senators are supposed to be the representatives of their state governments in Washington. It is the House that represents the people.

But the early 20th Century Progressives threw a wrench in that when they added the 17th Amendment to the Constitution requiring the direct election of Senators be the citizens.

Thanks to that reckless change, Senators like Elizabeth Warren are more focused on appealing to voting blocs than representing the interests of their state governments.

Warren also seems to object to the very system of government the Founders established. In the same interview, she told Real America’s Voice, “I think that what we need is we need majority rule in this country.”

If a Republic was good enough for the Founders, why isn’t it good enough for Elizabeth Warren?