Select Committee Lies in Subpoena to Kerik

( The House select committee investigating the 3-hour riot on January 6 was forced to offer a mealy-mouthed apology this week after they accused former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik of being present at the so-called “War Room” planning meeting on January 5 at the Willard Hotel.

In their subpoena and letter to Kerik, the committee claimed that it had “credible evidence” Kerik “participated” in this “War Room” meeting where the select committee claims Trump supporters including Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon discussed their options for overturning the 2020 election.

The “credible evidence” cited by the select committee included two articles from the Washington Post (neither of which even mentioned Bernard Kerik) and a passage from the anti-Trump book “Peril” by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa (that also didn’t mention Bernard Kerik).

That’s some pretty lousy “credible evidence.”

The truth is, Bernard Kerik wasn’t even in Washington DC on January 5, let alone the Willard Hotel. He was 300 miles away in New York City, and he has the EZPass receipts to prove it.

On Monday, in an explosive report, Just the News provided a pdf of the EZPass toll receipts showing that the select committee’s accusation against Kerik was patently false.

Just the News also followed up with Bob Woodward and Robert Costa who confirmed that nowhere in their book did they allege that Kerik attended the January 5 “War Room” meeting. Woodward and Costa also point out that Kerik isn’t mentioned in their book at all.

After the report blew their claims out of the water, the select committee sent a letter to Kerik’s attorney acknowledging the mistake. Despite their egregious error, the select committee informed Kerik’s lawyer that they still believe Kerik has information pertinent to their investigation.

Bernard Kerik told CNN that the select committee also accused him of paying for the hotel rooms that served as “election-related command centers.”

While his lawyer did say that Kerik intends to comply with the committee’s subpoena, he needs more time to do so and he also wants an apology for being falsely accused.