Secret Report Reveals Truth About Ashli Babbitt’s Murder

( Lieutenant Michael Byrd, the Capitol Police Officer who shot and killed protester Ashli Babbitt on January 6, has claimed that he was “tear-eyed” after he shot her. Despite claiming that Babbitt posed a threat to people and that he was simply doing his job.

Why would he be teary-eyed when killing Babbitt if she was really the racist potential murderer and terrorist he seemed to imply she is?

According to over 500 pages of internal DC Metropolitan Police documents that were recently released, Lt Byrd claimed he was shaken by the incident. The documents said that he was “nervous” and “appeared very upset” after murdering the Air Force veteran, who was unarmed and not posing a danger to anybody at the time.

In the report, one unnamed Capitol Police sergeant said that Byrd’s eyes were red and that he was very clearly upset.

Another interviewee claimed that Byrd was shaking and that he didn’t say anything.

“His voice was also shaky when he called for medical assistance over the radio,’ the officer said.

Sure. You would be if you just shot a woman in cold blood.

The documents were published as part of a Freedom Of Information Act lawsuit filed by conservative judicial watchdog Judicial Watch.

Former President Donald Trump recently published a video calling on the U.S. authorities to relaunch an investigation into the death of Babbitt, after the last investigation concluded that Byrd acted appropriately.

How is murdering a woman in cold blood who wasn’t armed appropriate, but kneeling on a violent criminal who was overdosing on fentanyl not acceptable?